Lose 1-16 inches in 1 hour!! $125

Many people believe body wraps for weight loss works for them because it gives them an incentive to stay on a program that helps them to lose weight. 


Combine a wrap with Cavi-Lipo, Full Body Vibration, Stem Cell Peptide Mask, Brightening Mask or Express Facial. 


Our Herbal Clay Body Wrap works on helping to rid the body of excess waste by compressing the body with the use a herbal clay and plastic wrap to push the fat cells closer together. This process helps to diminish cellulite and the bulges that can form on hips, stomach and thighs.


The herbal Clay body wraps concentrate on creating compounds that draw unhealthy toxins from your body. Clay is said to attract and absorb toxins through your pores, removing them from your body.   Clay also stimulate blood flow, and help relieve aching joints.



Your skin benefits directly from herbal body wraps, by absorbing the hydrating additives contained in the slurries you are wrapped in.   Aloe Vera will soften and rejuvenate skin - a process that is enhanced by the extended exposure time achieved by wraps.


Professionally train body wrap technicians are assisting clients every day to reach and maintain their ideal body goal. Celebrities as well as body builders use body use body wraps to tighten and tone and prior to major events.


On average a person can lose from one to sixteen inches in just one hour. Measurements are taken in specific places such as upper arm, thighs, tummy and hips before and after the wrap. Inch loss can vary greatly from person to person and is dependent upon the person’s body composition.


This treatment is not just for women. In general, men can expect a three to eight inch loss as their fat to muscle ratio is quite different. In most cases, men really only want and see significant difference in their stomach and “love handle” areas.


If you have never tried a body wrap, it is worth considering as the benefits are great and they can really help you look and feel smaller in just an hour. I can’t think of a better jumpstart to a weight loss program.

Don't Forget to Add Lipo-Mino Shot and B12 to your Wrap! 


Specials purchased expire one year from date purchased. No refunds on any specials.  Should you not qualify for a particular  procedure or decide not continue services for any reason a credit will be given for that amount towards a different product or service.  Results vary from patient to patient and can not be guaranteed.